Rules and standards
Ethical principles relating to publications in RAIL VEHICLES
  1. The Editors of RAIL VEHICLES take care of maintaining the ethical standards in scientific publications and take all steps against the negligence and failures in this area.
  2. When making a decision on publication the Editors take into consideration the current legal regulations, including the regulations on copyright. In the range of the counteraction of discrimination, the Editors obey the law in force in the Republic of Poland.
  3. The Editors are obliged to document all forms of scientific unreliability, especially breaking and violations of ethical rules in force in science.

Standards of objectivity in issuing reviews
  1. Reviews are made objectively. The personal criticism of the author is considered as inappropriate.
  2. The reviewers clearly express their views supporting them with the relevant arguments.
    Comments submitted by the reviewers have a constructive and substantive nature.
  3. All reviewed works are confidential. Any doubts, critical and polemical comments are formulated in the review. The content of the review is treated as a confidential document. The information obtained as a result of the review is not used to obtain the personal benefits.
  4. All reviews are made anonymously, and the Editors do not make the data of authors available to the reviewers.

The authors' duties:
  1. The proper designation of the authorship of work. The authorship should be limited to the persons who have a significant influence on the content of the article. The authors' duties include disclosing all sources of project financing in their work, the contribution of scientific and research institutions, associations and other entities.
  2. The author makes a statement aimed at preventing ghostwriting/ guest authorship practices.
  3. The editors recognized that ghostwriting and guest authorship are a sign of scientific unreliability and any detected cases will be unmasked, including notifying the relevant entities.